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  • Outpatient mental health care is any health care service provided to a patient who is not admitted to a facility. Outpatient mental health care may be provided in a doctor’s office, clinic, the patient’s home or hospital outpatient department.

    Outpatient health treatment in a doctor’s office or clinic, often supplemented by medications administered at home, remains the norm for most routine care. Thanks to advances in treatments and technology, many tests and surgical procedures formerly conducted in the hospital can be done in an office setting. Outpatient mental health care also provides the norm for most mental health and chemical dependency treatment.

  • The following is a small sample of the mental health problems that our providers can assist you or your loved ones with:

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Agoraphobia

    • Grief and loss

    • Adjustments to illness and other life changes

    • Addictive behaviors

    • Mood disorders

    • Communication problems

    • Relationship issues

    • Postpartum blues and depression

  • HELP offers various types of psychological assessments, including pre-surgical psychologial assessments,dementia evaluations, competency evaluations, capacity declarations, and pain assessment for spinal cord stimulator (the psychological evaluation for assessing your patients’ readiness for the implantable spinal cord stimulator therapy).

  • HELP providers serve all populations. Our providers are fully qualified for the treatment of behavioral issues for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Please contact us if you have questions about an appropriate level of care for you or someone you love.

  • Medicare, Triwest Alliance, Most PPO’s, Medical Molina, Magellan Healthcare, Fresenius Health Plan & Private Pay.

    1. Call the office to place a referral by phone, or fill out this referral form online via fax, email or by mail.
    2. Have your insurance information available when you place a referral. Include the client’s date of birth and demographics.
    3. Once the referral has been made to HELP, t]\he staff will verify the insurance, then contact the therapist most appropriate for the client, based upon the HELP therapist’s specialty and geographical location.
    4. Within 48 hours, the assigned therapist will contact the client to set up an appointment.
    5. Remember all insurance and billing is handled entirely by HELP.
    6. We accept Medicare, and most PPO insurances. We do not accept some HMO’s.
    • Call us via our HELP line: (858) 481 – 8827, or
    • Send in a referral sheet
    • Absolutely, call us via our HELP line: (858) 481-8827, or
    • Send in a self referral sheet
  • If you are interested in becoming a Help provider, you can fill out can apply here.