Telebehavioral Health

Telebehavorial Health

Video Session – Reasons why a client may  use  this  service  for  counseling:

• No travel required to consult with a Help therapist
Telebehavioral Health • Ideal for patients with mobility challenges
• Save time and expense – convenient!
• Be in the comfort of your home when you speak with a Help therapist
• Stress-free and confidential
• No equipment required – simply login through your secure portal from your personal computer
• Receive a visit summary from your Help therapist
• Securely message your therapist before and after the consultation
• Convenience of online appointment scheduling for follow-up visits with your
• Maintain an online personal health record
• Pay for your visit with your preferred credit card
• We accept Medicare


How to start a video session:

1) Complete referral form online at and check the box for Video Session or call the HELP Office at 858-481-8827.
2) A HELP representative will call you within 48 hrs.