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Offering mental health providers to the communities of San Diego, Inland Empire, Riverside, Los Angeles and Northern California.

HELP Therapist provides specialized mental health providers.

For the past 24 years HELP mental health providers have been able to assist members of our communities in a rather unique way, opening the doors to therapeutic services for a large number of individuals, couples, and families who would otherwise be unable to obtain treatment. HELP mental health providers offers behavioral health and counseling services in the home, facility, or office setting.

The home visit from mental health providers might be the only option open to many who suffer from a chronic disease, a physical or mental disability, or medical complications. As well, home visits provide access to mental health services for those older adults and elderly who are homebound. In-home clinicians mental health providers can also provide the initial steps to receiving additional community services.

The facility visit provides mental health and counseling services to those in short-term and long-term care. Care is coordinated with the case managers, primary care physicians, and other health providers. Upon discharge, HELP clinicians are able to provide continuation of care in the home or office.

The office visit can be utilized for those who prefer the office setting. Utilizing both the home and office visit is another option for those who have been homebound for an extended period of time.

HELP mental health providers respect the dignity and worth of each individual and feel maintaining confidentiality is a primary responsibility for clinicians, as well as a key ingredient to successful therapy.

We are here to help 24/7.

We offer our services In-Home, In-Office, In-Community and via Video or Phone Sessions as well.
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