Skype Therapy
Online Video Therapy

Telehealth Video Therapy

Help Therapists are available to meet with clients in their home, office or community.  We also offer online Skype Therapy coupled with video and telephone sessions. Depending on your particular needs and location, you may find that Skype Therapy is best for you. Skype Therapy can be a wonderful adjunct to in-office visits for busy professionals or for individuals who live too far from a more traditional office location. Help Therapists use Skype Therapy for clients who live full and busy lives. We understand that sometimes online therapy or coaching by Skype may be a practical alternative to in-office visits.

Video Sessions

Why clients prefer online video sessions:

  • No travel required to consult with a Help therapist
  • Ideal for patients with mobility challenges
  • Save time and expense – convenient!
  • Be in the comfort of your home when you speak with a Help therapist
  • Stress-free and confidential
  • No equipment required – simply login through your secure portal from your personal computer
  • Receive a visit summary from your therapist
  • Securely message your therapist before and after the consultation
  • Convenience of online appointment scheduling for follow-up visits with your therapist
  • Maintain an online personal health record
  • Pay for your visit with your preferred credit card
  • We Accept Medicare
How to Start A Video Session
  1. Complete a HIPPA-Compliant Referral Form Online and check the box for Video Session or call the HELP Office @ 858-481-8827.
  2. A HELP representative will call you within 48 hrs.